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User eXperience Lab Services

Below is a list of our standard services and prices. For more information or to set up a tour of the lab please contact the lab manager at

Heuristic Analysis User Testing Design Consult Usability Training Message Effects Lab Workforce Development
UT Researchers $70/hour $75/hour $70/hour $105/hour $100/hour  $115/hour
External Academics $107/hour $115/hour $107/hour $161/hour $153/hour $176/hour
External Market $315/hour $340/hour $317/hour $476/hour $453/hour $521/hour

Effective Dates: July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2023

***CCI Reseachers: your services are paid by the Center for Information and Communication Studies (CICS)

Heuristic Analysis:  Inspect and measure a website or application against industry web standards for accessibility and user interface design.

User Testing: Understand and improve how users interact with communication and information systems including websites and applications.  This includes using eye-tracking, facial expression recognition, EEG, and keystroke capture technology as well as technology that allows testing with users who are not in the lab itself. There is also the opportunity to conduct this work at the customer’s site with portable lab equipment. There is the ability to use virtual reality environments.

Design and Implementation Consultation: Work to create systems including, but not limited to, sites and applications that address users’ needs before development begins. This may include wire mapping, focus group interviews, and information architecture support.

Usability Training: One-on-one training in user-centered design, user evaluation techniques, or on one of our usability software systems. 

Message Effects Lab: Work utilizing the message effects lab facilities including the three rooms with cameras, microphones, and Powerlab software.  The software allows researchers to capture data on perceptual and physiological human responses to technical data.  The lab also includes equipment for collecting bio-data from subjects.

Workforce Development: We help you keep your existing workforce abreast of the latest in user experience with training, workshops, and curriculum development. We cultivate and identify emerging communication and information sciences talent and support organizations with their evolving workforce needs.

Classroom Support:  The lab is available for CCI class support.   This can include a tour of the lab, group training, or a limited number of hours for class projects.  For class projects, the lab donates blocks of time available to the entire class.  The class can decide how to share the time blocks.  Classroom support requests should be submitted at the beginning of the semester.  Please speak with the lab manager for more information.